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1 /iF timing capacitor. , and uses an external timing resistor connected between pins 11 and 14 in conjunction with an external timing capacitor. 1 jiF timing capacitor. 38 shows how it can be adapted to act as a high-performance add-on pulse generator that covers the range 100 ns to 100 ms in six decade ranges. 5V + V E R A N G E 1 = 100 n s - 1 fjs 21 A/s - 10 vs 3 = IOj/s- IOOj/s 4 = 100ps1ms 5 = 1 m s - 10ms 6 = 10 m s - 100ms Fig. 38. 38 circuits can be coupled together to make a wide-range delayed pulse generator of the add-on type.

Note that the sum of the two timing periods is virtually constant, so the operating frequency is almost independent of the setting of R2. 5 TO 15V + V E OUT Fig. 18. 2 kHz The 555 astable circuit can be gated 'on' or 'off, via either a switch or an electronic signal, in a variety of ways. c. via a switch. 19a and b circuits are gated via the pin 4 (reset) terminal. 2, for example) the astable is disabled and its output is grounded. 19b circuit is normally gated off via R4 but can be turned on by closing Si and shorting pin 4 to the positive supply rail.

30 the output of the pulse generator is fed to level' control Rx via selector switch Sx, which enables either a 'normal' or a 'complement' pulse output to be selected. The output of the 'level' control is fed to complementary emitter follower Qi -Q2 and thence on to the circuit's output terminals via a simple three-position SOU A RE AND PULSE GENERA TORS 45 decade attenuator. The peak output level of the circuit is 10 V, and the output pulses have typical rise and fall times of less than 50 ns.

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