A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language by Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan PDF

By Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik

ISBN-10: 0582517346

ISBN-13: 9780582517349

An imperative shop of data at the English language, written via a few of the best-known grammarians on this planet.

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In which way may the non-head modify the head? Here Brekle’s (1984, 1986) notion of stereotypical relation is pertinent, that is the cognitive scheme that sets the meaning of a head in relation to the meanings of possible subordinated non-heads (cf. also Gagne´ and Spalding, this volume). For example, factory evokes the cognitive scheme of a place where something is produced. Thus the non-head of car factory is easily construed as the internal argument (direct object) of what is produced. And again, when we take German neologisms, such as Ku¨sten-fabrik, Sommer-fabrik ‘coast factory, summer factory’, investigated by Brekle (1984, 1986) and his team (cf.

Warweary), and analogously with minor word classes. Similar classiWcations of the non-head are secondary and subordinated to classiWcation of the head. g. g. g. g. g. g. to dry-farm), etc. Most languages show a clear preference for noun compounding, especially noun-noun compounds. 3 All of the above compounds have their head on the right, which corresponds to a universal preference, called the right-hand head rule by Williams (1981, p. 248). A minority of languages has large classes of left-hand heads as well (cf.

83). Segmental phonological deletions or assimilations may be obligatory in compounds but excluded or optional in phrases, for example It. lung-arno ‘street along the river Arno’ with deletion of the Wnal vowel in the Wrst member adjective lungo ‘long’ (Scalise, 1992). 7 A morphological distinction is relevant in those languages where all members of a phrase are inXected by agreement, whereas parts of a prototypical compound are not (cf. Booij, 2005a, p. 82). For example, the plurals of the above-mentioned German minimal pair are die Hoch-schule-n vs.

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A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language by Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik

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