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The "Generalized word constitution Grammar" GPSG is an enormous syntactic thought which has been followed through the computational linguistics international. this article assumes an introductory wisdom of syntactic idea and covers all of the major constructs of the grammar.

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B. (married (Jones)) One advantage in explicating meaning in terms of sets and set membership is that we can exploit all the mathematical work on set theory. e. they occur with two terms or arguments. So (50a) is represented as (50b). (50) a. Smith helps Jones. b. (help (Smith, Jones)) As one-place predicates denote sets of individuals, two-place predicates naturally denote sets of ordered pairs of individuals, and a formula containing such a predicate is true iff the pair of terms in the formula are members of the set of pairs denoted by the formula.

That it implies a large number of ID-rules. Some of the redundancy in them is removed by the use of separate LP-statements, and more will be removed by some feature principles we shall look at later. But the essence of the objection remains. 4 Examples of subcategorization In this section we are going to look at some more examples of subcategorization frames; one consequence will be to increase the set of features at our disposal. Say, of course, occurs with an embedded finite clause, which we can state as in (36).

The two classes of feature are treated identically by GPSG theory. 2 The status of S We can now revisit the problem of the analysis of the category S, which we have so far left entirely outside our versions of X-bar theory and of feature-based syntax. We can also consider Sbar, the constituent consisting of a complementizer and an S. Linguists have in fact taken a variety of approaches to how S should be regarded. 2 In English, INFL can be realized as infinitival to, or as the empty do seen in (14).

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