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By Guillaume, Antoine

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This booklet is an in depth fine quality descriptive grammar of the endangered Cavine?±a language (less than 1200 speakers), spoken within the Amazonian rainforest of Lowland Bolivia, a space the place the indigenous languages are almost unknown. Cavine?±a belongs to the Tacanan kinfolk, comprising 5 languages, none of which has been the topic of an sufficient descriptive grammar. The grammar is primarily based at the huge fieldwork carried out by means of the writer in conventional Cavine?±a groups. solid within the functional-typological framework, and in line with common discourse facts, the grammar offers an in depth and copiously exemplified account of such a lot elements of the language, build up from simple degrees (phonetic and phonological) to better degrees (morphological and syntactic), and from short descriptions of every point to a extra complete description of a similar point in particular chapters. The language includes a variety of strange gains that may be of curiosity to typologist linguists, similar to an strange pitch accessory procedure, a morpho-phonological rule that deletes?  case markers, an elaborate predicate constitution, a process of verbal suffixes coding linked movement, a weird prefix e?  that attaches to nouns coding physique components and a fancy approach of moment place clitic pronouns. The grammar may also be of curiosity to historical-comparative linguists, as for the 1st time one has sufficiently exact grammatical info to make attainable a competent comparability with different languages with which Tacanan languages should be comparable, particularly the Panoan relations, and to function enter into hypotheses in regards to the inhabitants heritage of this a part of South the USA.

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There appears to be a correlation between language loss and proximity to the town of Riberalta. In Misión Cavinas and the nearby community of San Miguel, Cavineña is the main means of communication between almost everybody, including young children. These communities are some of the most remote areas where Cavineñas live. In Galilea, which is the closest community to Riberalta, Cavineña is still the main means of communication among most adults and elders. Cavineña is also still used between adolescents and adults, but not between adolescents themselves.

The predicate can be extremely complex. Minimally, it consists of a verb (the head) and an inflectional affix (a TAM or imperative-like marker). But maximally, it can consist of as many as 11 structural slots, which may be filled by more than 50 affixes and (phonologically independent) modifiers. In addition, verbs are subdivided into inflecting verbs, where an inflectional affix is attached directly to the verb stem, and non-inflecting verbs, where an inflectional affix is attached to an auxiliary.

The language and its speakers these links are highly speculative and remain an open question for further research. 6 I could only identify a few minor differences between the speech of the modern communities of the north and the more traditional communities of the south. This lack of major differences was further confirmed in my conversations with Cavineña speakers. The only domain of variation appears to be lexical. For example, the people from Galilea usually say jetiama ‘many, a lot of’ while the people from Misión Cavinas prefer umada ‘many, a lot of’.

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