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Singulative suffixes similar to -it are widespread in Cushitic: In Dirayta -itt (m) is a singulative suffix (Hayward 1981 :133); in Bayso -ti or -titi is a si;ngulative suffix (Corbett and Hayward 1987:16); in Dasanech -(i)ti (f) is a singulative suffix (Sasse 1974:414); Elmolo has -te (f) singulative suffix (Heine 1982:202); Oromo has -itti (f) singulative suffix (Stroomer 1987:83). 'ayto>o (f) I cayo (f) bambarito>o (f) I barnbare (f) boregito>o (f) I boreg (m) buubito>o (f) I buubu (m) buharito>o (f) I buhare (n) buhhito>o (f) I buhhi (f) chupito>o (f) I chupa (f) dacarito>o (f) I dacara (f) daamito>o (f) I daamoot (f) dororito>o (f) I dororo (m) fisito>o (f) 1 fisah (m) gutlito>o (f) I guthi (m) flower bullrush millet beans (red and black) chicken pox rainy season, insect kind of tree bottle ashes beard or moustache greens on water kind of tree edible plant 69 68 I qanhha egg I hhahlo (f) hulandito>o (f) I hulandu (m) hurondito'o (f) I huronda (m) ilwato>o (f) I ilwa (n) kasiito>o (f) I kasiis (f) langito'o (f) I langalanga (f) shavings, problems qanhhi (f) men's meeting place samti (f) porcupine sediment in beer umaali hedgehog lapito>o (f) llapiya (f) money I loosi (f) macandito>o (f) I macandu (m) macarito>o (f) I ma'ara (f) mangwarito>o (f) I mangware (f) neegito>o (f) I neegi (f) sasagito>o (f) I sasagi (f) si >ito>o (f) I sii 'O (f) sugdito>o (f) I sugday (m) suwito>o (f) I suwa (f) tsito (f) I tsitito>o (f) tsuuqato>o (f) I tsuuqa (n) xamuhlito>o (f) I xamuhla (f) bambarito>o (f) I bambare (m) barwito>o (f) I barwa (f) ceetlito>o (f) I ceetl6 (m) makito>o (f) I makay (n) beans hhahlito>o (f) loosito>o (f) milk sweet potatoes sorghum (kafir type) sorghum, red millet I samta (f) (f) I umaala (f) are two words with an m preceding the singulative -i that does not occur in the plural, a collective in ngw.

1. The suffix -mo (m). The suffix can be preceded by an epenthetic vowel a. This suffix singles out one element from a collection. One member of a set of people, one member of a species of animals, especially insects, one member of a set of body parts. People: The words for 'Indian' and 'Arab' are loan words from Swahili. In the plural they contain the Swahili plural noun class prefix wa-, which is dropped in the singular, or replaced by the Swahili singular noun class prefix mu-. The words maanimo (m) I maanda (m) 'Iramba, Bantu' and masomo (m) I masomba (f) 'male adolescent' are irregular.

Arwi (f) I arwo banana (f) All number suffixes with neuter gender are plural. There are no masculine among the plural suffixes, but the collective suffixes are masculine. Note that t are nouns of neuter gender with singular reference, for example hhayso 'tail', masculine nouns with plural reference, daaqay 'boys'. de>ema (n) tseeca (n) time outside amsi (n) I amsi>i (n) xweera (n) I xweerdu (n) duunga' (n) I dungawe (f) gitsa (n) I gitseece (f) midnight night nose forehead, face, luck I gwe>eede (f) hhayso (n) I hhayse (f) bihhii' (n) I bihhe (f) dohho(n) I dohhodu(n) tail side punishment, fine gweedo (n) buttock The gender of the base form is a factor in the choice of the plural suffix.

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