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By Russell G. Schuh

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A Grammar of Miya describes a language of the Chadic family members spoken in Northern Nigeria. this is often the 1st documentation of Miya apart from notice lists. The grammar describes all elements of the language. Of specific typological curiosity are the tone procedure, a "terraced point" process within which tone operates over multi-syllabic domain names, and notice order, that's VXS in lots of contexts.

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This includes words of two moras, which always have underlying H in nouns. ', casa 'much, many' all have two moras and underlying L tone. Most words that can be used as temporal or locative adverbs either are nouns or are derived from nouns and seem by and large to conform to the tone patterns found among nouns: Complete lists can be found in 8:§§5-6. The few apparent departures from canomcal nommal tone patterns seem to be related to an adverbial derivational suffix -a ~hose tonal properties are not obvious.

Assuming that this is the a- prefix, this transcription is surely incorrect. H L gar-na gilllo-na 'large' 'small' cf. mbiJrgu gar-na cf. mbiJrgu ga6a-na 'large ram' 'small ram' Adjectival nouns also add a gender/number suffix when used as attributive or predicative modifiers, but they can be used with no suffix as quality nouns. l3 Many adjectival nouns are reduplicated. These repeat the tone pattern on each reduplicant. See 8:§3 for a list of all the adjectival nouns in my corpus: L h"may tsgntsgm Toneless-H ambau kwayakwaya [ __ 1 [ __ 1 [ --1 [----1 'emptiness' 'sourness' 'goodness' 'hardness (to the touch)' Both these tonal groups have counterparts among nouns.

Hin ' , but for these gerunds the first H is associated with any b unI num er ab moras up to and . ' association between "H H" d . i DC1Ud'mg th e penu1timate. The difference in tonal is afloating H which I'S assver . e or SU IX. L class verbs present a number nouns. g tte y ad hoc deVIces and thus are probably not comparable to H-L , •• Q Q F 9The "aU IS . tlavlllg . word nd yaam ' contour tone. It is also exceptional in a long vowel in a cIoconsistently d 11 bI pronounced·th WI a f alhng se sy a e.

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