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In this ebook, Omer Preminger investigates how the compulsory nature of predicate-argument contract is enforced by means of the grammar. Preminger argues that an empirically sufficient conception of predicate-argument contract calls for recourse to an operation, whose obligatoriness is a grammatical primitive now not reducible to representational houses, yet whose winning end result isn't really enforced by way of the grammar.

Preminger's argument counters modern methods that locate the obligatoriness of predicate-argument contract enforced via representational potential. the main famous of those is Chomsky's "interpretability"-based idea, during which the obligatoriness of predicate-argument contract is enforced via derivational time bombs. Preminger provides an empirical argument opposed to modern ways that search to derive the compulsory nature of predicate-argument contract solely from derivational time bombs. He deals as a substitute another account in accordance with the idea of obligatory operations better suited for the evidence. The the most important information consists of utterances that inescapably contain attempted-but-failed contract and are still totally grammatical. Preminger combines an in depth empirical research of contract phenomena within the Kichean (Mayan) languages, Zulu (Bantu), Basque, Icelandic, and French with an in depth and rigorous theoretical exploration of the far-reaching effects of those facts. The result's a singular concept that has profound implications for the formalism that the concept of grammar makes use of to derive compulsory approaches and homes.

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The absolutive agreement markers that arise when the agreement target is a 1st/2nd person argument thus differ, in their morphophonological properties, from those that arise when the target is a 3rd person argument. Let us return once more to a characterization of agreement in the Kichean AF construction in terms of a scale or hierarchy like (33), repeated from earlier. (33) 1st/2nd person > 3rd person plural > 3rd person singular [=(23)] The morphophonological properties surveyed here cast further doubt on taking (33) as an account of agreement in Kichean AF.

31) 1sg 1pl 2sg 2pl 3sg 3pl erg agreement marker Strong pronoun n/wq(a)a(w)i(w)r(u)/uk(i)- yïn röj rat rïx rja’ rje’ When (30) and (31) are juxtaposed, it becomes quite clear that the similarities in the first four rows of (30) are more than a coincidence. 26 Chapter 3 I will assume here that the change in the quality of the approximant in the 1st person singular pronoun yïn (from r- to y-) has a phonological source, at least diachronically; in any event, even with this minor complication, the 1st person singular cell conforms to the more general pattern whereby the absolutive agreement marker is identical to the strong pronoun with its initial approximant deleted.

Peru-ri ‘Peru-dat’); but unlike some patterns of clitic doubling familiar from Romance or Greek, for example, these instances of clitic doubling are not conditioned by any semantic property (or properties) of the noun phrases in question. The dative argument in (36)–(37) can be animate or inanimate, new or given, specific or nonspecific, and so on; it will undergo clitic doubling all the same. The only conditions on the application of clitic doubling in Basque are structural ones (roughly, the availability of a clausemate cliticization host; see Preminger 2009).

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