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By Charles Brenner

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This regular advent to psycho-analysis has been completely revised to explain and refine the recommendations awarded, and new chapters were extra. entire and lucid, Dr. Brenner's quantity is the integral orientation to the topic for either laymen and scholars.

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For instance, the infant, as the re- some extent of experience as well, usually becomes able to put its thumb or fingers in its mouth at the age of three to six weeks (Hoffer, 1950) and thereby to gratify its desire to suck whenever it wishes to do so. We believe that to an infant so young there is nothing that compares in psychic importance with the oral gratification which sult of maturation, and to We accompanies sucking. can imagine that a correspondingly great importance must attach to the various ego functions (motor control, memory, kinesthesia) which make the gratification of thumb-sucking possible, and to the objects of the drive itself, the thumb and fingers.

This called instincts in the lower animals, although, to be sure, they are closely related to them. The distinction to be made is this. An instinct is an innate capacity or necessity to react to a particular set of stimuli in a stereotyped or constant way-a way that is usually thought of as comprising behavior which is considerably more complex than what we speak of as a simple reflex, like the knee jerk, for instance. However, like a simple reflex, an instinct in an animal with a central nervous system presumably is composed of a stimulus, some kind of central excitation, and a motor response which follows a predetermined course.

Standard Edi- New York: Basic Books, 1962. , New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis. Standard Edition, Vol. 22. Chapter 4, Lecture XXXII, 1964. Also in: Complete Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis. New York: Norton, 1966. " we see that in we began with two fundamental and well- In framing the answer to our question the first place established hypotheses concerning mental functioning which were essentially of a descriptive character. One of these was the law of psychic causality, and the other was the proposition that psychic activity is principally unconscious.

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